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TCME Staff

Jennifer Oetting, Program Director

Jennifer Oetting brings a wealth of experience to her role as the Program Director at The Center for Mindful Eating. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business & Human Resources from William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri. With a diverse background in leadership positions at the University of Missouri, including roles as the Cardiovascular Medicine Division Administrator and Wellness Program Coordinator, Jennifer has honed her skills in healthcare, Higher Education, Program Development, Administration, and well-being programs. Her journey into population health sparked a deep passion for witnessing the transformative impact on individuals.

Jennifer also worked with an art-based local non-profit, integrating services with both the general public and underserved populations, demonstrating her ability to create inclusive and impactful community programs. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to run her own baking business, where she combined her creativity and commitment to local ingredients. This venture allowed her to combine her love for culinary arts with her dedication to supporting local communities.

A long-time resident of Columbia, Missouri, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her loving wife, son, family, friends, and pets. Her hobbies include gardening, music, enjoying farm-to-table meals, travel, yoga, and various creative pursuits. Jennifer is passionate about her work, whether in the kitchen or promoting mindful eating and well-being, and is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in all areas of her life.

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