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The Center for Mindful Eating

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TCME Board of Directors

The Center for Mindful Eating is a nonprofit, nonreligious organization that is governed by a multidisciplinary Board of Directors. Its purpose is to establish and communicate the vision and mission of the Center. In May 2006, the bylaws of the Center were ratified. The Center for Mindful Eating is grateful for the time and dedication that these individuals have agreed to contribute to this project.

Linn Thorstensson, DipNT, mNTOI, Chair

Linn Thorstensson, Dip NT mNTOI, is a registered Nutritional Therapist, based in Co.Cork Ireland, with a special focus on helping people heal their relationship with food and eating, through a mindful eating and self-compassionate approach.  She is also a food blogger, recipe developer and photographer and a meditator.  Linn holds a three year PGDip in Nutritional Therapy, certifications in mind-body medicine and Mindful Eating (MB-EAT).

She is one of three directors for the board of Nutritional Therapists of Ireland and is excited to be part of the continuing growth of The Centre for Mindful Eating.

When she is not found reading, writing or in clinic, she tries spending most of her time in nature, with her dogs, with friends and in deep conversations.

You will find more about her, her work and her personal path over on

Daniela Araujo, Ph.D., Vice-Chair

Daniela Araujo PhD, MSc is narrative therapist, mindfulness and mindful eating teacher and mentor, based in Campinas, Pindoretá Brazil.

As a Lecturer, she has taught in diverse settings such as the University of Auckland (Aotearoa New Zealand), Mackenzie Presbyterian University (Piratininga São Paulo, Pindoretá Brazil), IPOG (Pindoretá Brazil) and in Eating Behaviors at IPGS (Pindoretá Brazil) in undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

She has been working in the field of eating disorders since 2001 both on research and treatment provision. Member of the team that envisioned, implemented, and ran the outpatient eating disorders at the State University of Campinas' Hospital until 2010, and worked at the residential eating disorder’s treatment service in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), Aotearoa New Zealand.

Certified mindfulness and mindful eating teacher and a pioneer in the introduction of mindful eating in Brazil in 2015, Daniela is one of the co-directors of The Brazilian Center for Mindful Eating since 2017 and a teacher trainer in Neurocognitive Foundations for Mindfulness Teachers (Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, UK).

Cuca Azinovic, CPCC, Treasurer

Cuca Azinovic is a certified mindfulness teacher and co-active coach specializing in mindful eating and self-compassion, based in a little coastal town called Benicassim in Spain. She has a Masters's degree in Mindfulness in Health Contexts from Complutense University in Madrid (Spain).

Certified Teacher & Mentor of the Mindful Eating - Conscious Living (ME-CL) program and in the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program at the University of San Diego, she has been implementing both programs since 2014 in Spain. She has also completed professional training in Compassion Focused Therapy for eating disorders (CFT-e), developed by Dr. Ken Goss & Paul Gilbert at Derby University (UK), Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness (MB-EAT), Eat for Life (Lynn Rossy).

She brought to Spain the first Mindful Eating professional training together with Nirakara Mindfulness Institute in 2016 and 2017, which trained more than 80 professionals in an official program to implement Mindful Eating in their clinical practice. 

She joined TCME as a member in 2012, volunteering for a few years to revise our programs. And in April 2018, she joined the Board as Treasurer and to promote the Spanish-language development of TCME.

She adores her family (including her little dog), nature and she is now living her dream living close to the sea.

You will find more about her, her work, and her personal path on and Comunidad de Autocuidado.

In her own words: "I understand scarcity as the hunger that exists in our heart, despite living in full material abundance. This existential hunger, which can be manifested as lack of love, loneliness, rejection, or isolation, often determines our way of relating to food. By connecting with the heart and bringing awareness and presence to the act of feeding ourselves, we gradually nourish our existence, connecting with the fullness and abundance that are present at all times, alleviating suffering and recovering our dignity."


En Español:

Cuca Azinovic es profesora y mentora certificada de profesionales de Alimentación Consciente y Autocompasión y Coach Transformacional. Comenzó su andadura como profesional de la Atención Plena en el 2013 cuando cursó el Experto de Mindfulness en Contextos de Salud por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (España).

Profesora certificada y mentora del programa Mindful Eating - Conscious Living (ME-CL) y del programa Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) de la Universidad de San Diego, implementa ambos programas desde 2014 en España.

También ha realizado una formación profesional en Terapia Focalizada en la Compasión para trastornos alimentarios (CFT-e), desarrollada por el Dr. Ken Goss & Paul Gilbert en la Universidad de Derby (UK), Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness (MB-EAT), Eat for Life ( Lynn Rossy).

Trajo a España la primera formación profesional de Alimentación Consciente (ME-CL) junto con Nirakara Mindfulness Institute en 2016 y 2017, formando a más de 80 profesionales en la aplicación clínica de Alimentación Consciente.

Se unió al Centro para la Alimentación Consciente (The Center for Mindful Eating) en el 2012, y en el 2018 entró a formar parte del Comité de Dirección como Tesorera y directora del desarrollo de contenidos en habla hispana para Latinoamérica y España.

Entre otros proyectos, en la actualidad está trabajando en un programa de Formación para Profesionales de Alimentación Consciente avalado por la Universidad de San Diego, California (UCSD). Ha creado la primera Comunidad de Alimentación Consciente en habla hispana y está rematando su “hogar digital” reflejo de todos estos años de aprendizaje y experiencia personal (

La práctica de Atención Plena y el coaching transformacional le han llevado a hacer realidad su sueño de establecer su residencia cerca del mar y la naturaleza permitiéndole crear espacio de calma y encuentro consigo misma y su entorno.

En sus propias palabras: "En la India aprendí de abundancia y en el primer mundo de escasez. Y de la Madre Teresa del hambre de corazón. Desde entonces mi vida ha ido progresivamente modificando su rumbo, tanto a nivel personal como laboral, con el propósito de aliviar el sufrimiento de nuestros corazones, y devolver la dignidad a las personas que sufren por falta de amor, soledad, rechazo y exclusión".

Cecilia Clementi, Ph.D., Psych.D, SECRETARY

Cecilia Clementi, PhD, Psych.D,  is a Clinical and Health Psychologist and psychotherapist. She is also teacher in Mindfulness based protocols (MBSR, MBCT, MBRP, MB-EAT).

Cecilia qualified as mindfulness teacher at The Italian Center for Mindfulness studies (CISM) and trained as a mindful eating teacher in Bruxelles (Belgium).

Cecilia has a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Bologna (Italy) where she also obtained her Clinical and Community Psychology degree and her Specialization as Health Psychologist and psychotherapy. She has also qualified in Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion focused therapy (CFT).

Her areas of expertise include eating disorders, obesity, addiction, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders. She lives in Italy and she works as psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher both privately and at  San Nicola’s Addiction Center. She also collaborates as researcher and tutor with The Department of Psychology of the University of Bologna, and as a trainer in Mindfulness based protocols with CISM and other Associations.Cecilia has been practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for 15 years. She is keen on skating and dancing and she is also a volunteer clown therapist in the Hospitals. 

To learn more about Cecilia’s work, visit

We’d like to express our appreciation to our former board members and others who have contributed to The Center for Mindful Eating.

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