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Silamani Guirao Goris


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Guirao Goris
RespiraVida BreathWorks
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Other - Not Listed
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Credential groupings
  • Coach (Lifestyle/Health/Fitness)
  • Nurse (RN, LPN, CNA)
  • Spiritual Leader

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  • Spiritual or Religious Center
  • Yoga or Meditation Center
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Ph D /Doctor en Enfermería

Education & Training

Do you offer Community Practice Sessions?
  • Yes
Do you offer training for Professionals?
  • Yes
Do you offer training for the Public?
  • Yes
Do you offer Group Training Sessions?
  • Yes
Do you offer Individual Sessions?
  • Yes
Do you have any knowledge or experience teaching or dealing with eating disorders professionally?
  • Yes
Please provide up to three links to upcoming Mindful Eating programs you are offering.

Compassion& MindfulEating (CME)

ME-CL (Mindful Eating - Concious Living) Chozen Bays & Wilkins

MBPM - BreathWorks
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