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Our relationship to food is a central one that reflects our attitudes toward our environment and ourselves. As a practice, mindful eating can bring us awareness of our own actions, thoughts, feelings and motivations, and insight into the roots of health and contentment.

The Center for Mindful Eating is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit, established in May 2006. Our desire is to be a place of conversation, networking, and learning for professionals and individuals to explore and learn how to apply mindfulness practices to their relationships with food and eating.

Our Vision

To be an effective, accessible vehicle for training professionals in the principles and practices of mindful eating and to foster wisdom, mindfulness and ethical action in education, policy, research and healthcare, pertaining to food and eating.

Our Mission

The mission of The Center for Mindful Eating, also known as TCME, is to help people achieve a balanced, respectful, healthy, and joyful relationship with food and eating. By providing easily accessible, research-based information and opportunities to interact in community, we seek to train and encourage professionals and to educate the public about the practice of mindful eating.

Our Funding

We are primarily funded by our members who pay annual membership fees. We offer regular webinars and teleconferences, some of which offer continuing education credits for therapists and dietitians. Our programs are recorded and available for purchase in our Store, some of which include self-study continuing education credits. We welcome corporate sponsorships that are in alignment with our mission and position statements.

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Please see our Professional Member and our Introduction to Mindful Eating  brochures for more information about our work, and our passion for mindful eating. (Also available in Spanish) 

You can also purchase printed brochures in our store.

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