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World Mindful Eating Month 2020


6th Edition

Start the new year with a month of mindful eating reflections and exercises

The 2020 World Mindful Eating Month theme is "Planting the Seeds of Self-compassion"

World Mindful Eating Month is a free online International Event that runs through January in which we will create a community of practitioners with daily reflections, practices, inspirations, meditations, memes and ideas to help you nourish our mindful eating practice.

To participate in our community, you must sign up in here:

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And now you can go back to our Facebook page and enjoy our daily updates, become an active part of the community by participating in different discussions, sharing your experiences and being inspired by the force of the community!

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TCME is a member and donation supported 501(C)3 non-profit organization. We depend your generosity to make our mindful eating programs available. Make a tax deductible contribution on our donation page

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