Good Practice Guidelines for Mindful Eating Teacher Training

It is recommended by The Center for Mindful Eating that a training created to prepare professionals to teach a mindful eating program of minimum  18 hours (minimum 6 sessions), will meet the following guidelines:

1.    A Mindful Eating Teacher Training (METT) is a skill-building teachers program, offered within a minimum of 5 days or longer in length in a residential setting. This framework will serve the teacher-in-training, to implement the different topics of the training and enhance the personal meditation practice of the trainee.

2.    The METT is facilitated by qualified senior teacher trainers adhering to the ‘Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers of Mindful Eating Teachers’.

3.    The content and didactic information offered in a METT is line with the Principles of Mindful Eating and the Position Statements, established by The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME).

4.    Mindfulness meditation practices and mindful eating exercises are integral components of a METT and provide the core for any mindful eating teacher training.  In programs with an emphasis on contemplative practices, the spiritual dimension of food/hunger is also addressed.

5.    Additionally, components of a METT draw from secular and well researched mindfulness interventions such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). It also incorporates elements from Buddhist psychology and other contemplative wisdom traditions.

6.    A METT is annually updated to align to the latest scientific research findings in the field of nutrition, psychology, mindfulness-based interventions and meditation. 

7.    A METT will provide a teacher’s curriculum and manual for use to professionals who attend a residential or online mindful eating teacher training.

8.    A Mindful Eating Teacher Online Training will be considered equivalent to a residential METT when the trainee  –before the start of an online teacher training- has a Mindfulness based teacher background or long-term meditation practice (under guidance of an experienced meditation teacher).  Additionally, the trainee is mentored by a senior mindful eating teacher trainer during a minimum of 10 private sessions while offering a mindful eating program, as part of the teacher training.

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