Member Spotlight 

Our members are invited to feature their work in the field of mindful eating in our Member Spotlight! Members complete a short questionaire to apply for a blog post to be written about their work in the field, including clinical experience, projects, writings, and research regarding mindful eating. We are dedicated to support the promotion of our members' mindful eating related projects that are in harmony with our Principles of Mindful Eating.

June 2017 Member Spotlight: Annie Mahon

February 2017 Member Spotlight: Andrea Lieberstein

January 2017 Member SpotlightNancy Logue, Ph.D.

September 2016 Member SpotlightDr. Lilia Graue

August 2016 Member SpotlightJenna Hollenstein

July 2016 Member SpotlightDenise Watson

June 2016 Member Spotlight: Alice J. Rosen, MSEd, LMHC

May 2016 Member Spotlight: Jenny Berk, MSEd

April 2016 Member Spotlight: Fiona Sutherland

December 2015 Member Spotlight: Jean Fain, LCSW 

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