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How to Create a Mindful Eating Practice

Megrette Fletcher M.Ed, RD, CDE will help you guide your patient in creating a 'mindful eating practice'. Utilizing the many resources available on our website Megrette will help professionals develop their skills to help others.

Using Mindfulness to Enjoy Eating More: Living With Diabetes

Jean L. Kristeller and Carla Miller

How can someone enjoy eating – and still manage their diabetes in a healthy way? This teleconference explores ways to help individuals become more relaxed and comfortable with their food choices, while moving toward healthier and more flexible eating.

On A Scale of All or Nothing: How Anxious Are You?

 Char Wilkins, MSW, LCSW

People often eat and overeat when they are anxious. "I've always been this way, it's what I do." they say. "It's just who I am." But is it? What is that overwhelming and out of control feeling we call "anxiety" and how can mindfulness help us work with it?

What is Mindful Eating and How Can it Help You Improve Your Relationship with Food?

Cheryl Wasserman, MA, LPC to learn why mindfulness might give you valuable information that will help you figure out why you turn to food when you're not really hungry. See how the benefits of eating mindfully can improve the quality of your day.

The Self-Compassion Diet: Treating Eating Issues with Loving-Kindness

Jean Fain

When it comes to treating the range of eating issues, many therapists know that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness are a winning combination. But most don't think to add self-compassion into the therapeutic mix. Why would they? Researchers interested in eating issues have only recently turned a scientific eye on these ancient compassion-enhancing practices. Plus, most clinicians haven't had a chance to survey the scientific literature, let alone translate the exciting findings on loving-kindness into their daily work with clients.

How Mindful Eating Can Prevent Diabetes

Megrette Fletcher

How can mindful eating prevent elevated blood sugar or diabetes? Come join Certified Diabetes Educator, and co-author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed, RD, CDE, as she describes how awareness and mindful eating might be the key to prevent prediabetes or control elevated blood glucose levels.

Self-Compassion-Based Eating Awareness Training

Jean Fain, LCSW, MSW

This introductory webinar is a preview of an exciting, sane and caring approach to a variety of eating issues, from mindless eating and yo-yo dieting to compulsive overeating and binge eating disorder. Informed by cutting-edge research on mindfulness and self-compassion, Self-Compassion-Based Eating Awareness Training teaches participants to stop overeating, heed their hunger and fullness signals and find real satisfaction in the quality, rather than quantity, of food.  1 MP4, 1 DOC and 2 PDFs - This is a webinar with powerpoint visuals.

Developing a Practice of Healthful Eating: How Mindful Eating Can Help 

Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD, CDE, 

What is a mindful eating practice? If you have ever wondered how mindful eating works and what exactly it can do to help you discover healthier relationship with food, then join Megrette as she explores how to practice eating healthy - without restriction, deprivation and shame. Three hour webinar in two parts - 2 MP4s, 10 PDFs 

From the Taste of Food to the Food of our Memories

 Join Caroline Baerten, RD (Belgium) as she explores the question: What is taste? The taste sensations we experience when we take a bite of food are dependent on the food (external input) as well as how we perceive the taste (our sensory experience). So the question becomes, how do we really taste food? Is it through the taste buds, the nose, the eyes, or … the memory? During the teleconference, we will look at the different layers of taste that gives us pleasure but may also keep us trapped.

Mindful Eating and Nutrition: Helping Clients Become 'Aware

Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD, CDE,

 This recorded webinar training is for professionals to explore how mindful eating can teach basic nutrition, open clients up to new learning, improve the counseling session and increase client motivation. 90 minute webinar program - 1 MOV, 2 PDFs and 1 DOCX

Happy Food

Char Wilkins, MSW, LCSW

as she brings her wisdom to this teleconference titled "Happy Food." Just about everyone has had the experience of using food to alter their mood. We all have in common those moments when a comfort food calls us to smooth out the tough times or celebrate the events we feel good about. Mindless eating is bound to accompany these times, so how do we work with it?

Using Mindfulness to Calm Anxiety

Cheryl Wasserman, MA, LPC, participants will learn how anxiety can affect both you and your client in a session.  See how it can lead your client back into the same mindset, feelings and behaviors that have caused her maladaptive eating patterns in the past. Participants will learn about the brain's bias for negativity, the effect of this on behavior and how to counteract this pattern to create new behavior as a result of Self-Directed Neuroplasticity. This simple practice can create new patterns.

Exploring Mindful Eating

Megrette Fletcher MEd, RD, CDE

What is Mindful Eating? Come and participate in a guided mindful eating activity by The Center for Mindful Eating president and co-founder Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed, RD, CDE. During this 50 minute teleconference learn a few ways to slip into the present moment to explore your direct experience with food and eating.

Stress Eating: Can We Comfort Ourselves with Food

Jean Kristeller, PhD

"Stress eating" often gets identified as the primary type of out-of-control eating. But the connection is actually quite complex, and can arise for a number of reasons: to seek comfort from food; confusing anxiety with hunger; or blocking out distress, among others. This teleconference will explore these patterns and alternatives to managing stress, and managing eating in the face of stress.

Eating for Quality, Not Quantity: The Magic of our Sense of Taste

Jean Kristeller, PhD 

Our taste buds provide us powerful feedback of how much we are enjoying our food. However, when we are eating mindlessly, often we engage the memory of these foods, rather than savoring our immediate experience. Mindfulness is powerful not only in helping individuals better discern their preferences for certain foods, but as a powerful component to decide when to stop eating. This program will review the basic physiological and psychological processes involved in taste awareness and satiety, and review ways to help individuals cultivate their “inner gourmet”.

Finding your Healthy Weight

Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

As large numbers of people continue to struggle with eating and weight, it is increasingly evident that the now 50+-year-old advice of "eat less, exercise more" does not help most people adopt and sustain the behaviors that support healthy weights. This teleconference reviews fundamental issues that challenge individuals in their ability to do this, and illuminates the role of mindful eating in helping clients move toward a more sustainable health-centered approach.

Food Fights, Fears, and Feelings: Helping Kids Eat Better With Mindful Eating

Megrette Fletcher

Can the practice of mindful eating transform dinner time and reduce food fights, fears and transform feelings about eating a balanced diet? Join Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD, CDE, author of Discover Mindful Eating with Kids, as she explains the power of mindful eating, family meals, picky eating and more. The session will provide new ideas as participants are lead through two mindful eating activities.

Here Come the Holidays: 5 Steps to Mindfully Enjoying the Holidays without Weight Worries

Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD
For those who struggle with their weight, the holidays present a special challenge. How will I be able to stay away from all the goodies? This webinar presents a 5-step mindful eating plan for moving away from food fears and being able to participate fully in the many pleasures of this time of year. Especially designed for people who struggle with overeating and weight. Webinar recording with power point presentation.

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