April is Stress Awareness Month! 

Have you ever thought to yourself: “It’s been a tough day, I just want a big bowl of ice cream.”? Or, “After the day I had, I deserve a treat.” Stress eating is very common and it really does work in terms of alleviating stress – at least in the moment. So we don’t want to demonize stress eating, but instead sprinkle some mindfulness on it and consider how often we stress eat, how much food we’re eating and in what other ways we can cope with stress.

Thank you to Shiri Macri, MA, LCMHC, Behavior Leader at Green Mountain at Fox Run, for this insightful article available in our Mindful Eating Blog.

Anxiety & Food: Breaking the habit of stress eating


Char Wilkins, MSW, LCSW: On a Scale of All or Nothing, How Anxious Are You?
Jan Chozen Bays, MD, Zen Roshi: Anxiety Can Prevent us from Eating Mindfully
Caroline Baerten, RD: Full Living in the Turmoil of Anxiety

On a Scale of All or Nothing, How Anxious Are You? 

People often eat and overeat when they are anxious. "I've always been this way, it's what I do." they say. "It's just who I am." But is it? What is that overwhelming and out of control feeling we call "anxiety" and how can mindfulness help us work with it? Char Wilkins - from the TCME Audio Teleconference Archive.

Stress Eating: Can We Comfort Ourselves With Food?

 "Stress eating" often gets identified as the primary type of out-of-control eating. But the connection is actually quite complex, and can arise for a number of reasons: to seek comfort from food; confusing anxiety with hunger; or blocking out distress, among others. This teleconference will explore these patterns and alternatives to managing stress, and managing eating in the face of stress. Jean Kristeller - from the TCME Audio Teleconference Archive.

Food Fights Fears and Feelings: Helping Kids Eat Better with Mindful Eating 

Can the practice of mindful eating transform dinner time and reduce food fights, fears and transform feelings about eating a balanced diet? Listen to Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD, CDE, author of Discover Mindful Eating with Kids, as she explains the power of mindful eating, family meals, picky eating and more. The session will provide new ideas as participants are lead through two mindful eating activities. From the TCME Audio Teleconference Archive.

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