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Establishing a Mindful Eating Practice

(1 CE/CPE)

Sharon Theroux, Ph.D. Establishing a mindful eating practice, and moving away from the diet mentality is life affirming. However, cultivating such a practice in our fast-paced society can be a challenge, requiring a shift from using external guidance about what, when, and how much to eat (e.g. diets, provided portion sizes, dress size, the bathroom scale) to internal guidance (e.g. using your taste buds, your hunger/satiety cues). A daily formal practice is essential. Given March 14, 2017.

Included: One 60-min video (mp4) with survey and post-test links for 1 CE/CPE for therapists and dietitians provided by International Seminars Group (ISG). 

Get Stressed, Eat, Repeat. Why Eating Becomes Habit 

(2 CE/CPE)

Judson Brewer, MD, Ph.D. 

Stress, emotional and mindless eating play a large role in setting up and perpetuating unsupportive eating habits. Why? These may be tapping into the same reward-based learning processes that evolved to help us remember where food is - and in modern day are hijacked by both chemical and behavioral addictions (including eating). Given February 21 & 28, 2017. Included: Two 60-min videos (mp4) with survey and post-test links for 2 CE/CPE for therapists and dietitians provided by International Seminars Group (ISG). 

Understanding the Good Practice Guidelines for Mindful Eating Teachers

This webinar is being presented to help professionals who are interested in the practice and teaching of mindful eating to understand the Good Practice Guidelines -- why they were developed, what they are, and how you can plan your journey of professional training as a mindful eating teacher or and learning about the guidelines teacher trainers adhere to when offering professional trainings. Presented by Caroline Baerten, RD and Lynn Rossy, Ph.D. on January 18, 2017.

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